Information on the dbdeploy Open Source projects

Welcome to the dbdeploy project


dbdeploy is a Database Change Management tool. It’s for developers or
DBAs who want to evolve their database design – or refactor their
database – in a simple, controlled, flexible and frequent manner.


The recurring problem with database development is that at some point
you’ll need to upgrade an existing database and preserve its content.
In development environments it’s often possible (even desirable) to
blow away the database and rebuild from scratch as often as the code
is rebuilt but this approach cannot be taken forward into more
controlled environments such as QA, UAT and Production.


Drawing from our experiences, we’ve found that one of the easiest ways
to allow people to change the database is by using version-controlled
SQL delta scripts. We’ve also found it beneficial to ensure that the
scripts used to build development environments are the exact same used
in QA, UAT and production. Maintaining and making use of these deltas can
quickly become a significant overhead – dbdeploy aims to address this.