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Ruby Migrations Issues

January 4th, 2007 by admin

Jay Fields writes on his experiences of using Ruby on Rails Migrations with a large team:

It can also be troublesome to find specific changes to the database within multiple migration files. Finding which migration adds a specific column can take a fair amount of time when you are working with over 50 migration files. Naming conventions can mitigate this issue some; however, naming conventions generally require that only one action occur per file. For example, the 023_create_customers_table.rb file can only create the customer table and cannot alter the purchases table to add the customer_id column. This type of naming convention helps on searching for specific changes to the database; however, it also results in a large number of migration files.

RoR’s migrations is effectively an API for creating and applying database migrations. dbdeploy’s fundamental approach is that developers should know SQL – and it does of course have the added benifit of managing the delta scripts more effectively.

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