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dbdeploy for java 3.0M1 has been released

May 4th, 2009 by graham

I’m pleased to announce the release of dbdeploy 3.0 milestone 1.

Main features include:

* a sensible distribution package, with source and examples
* a change to the approach dbdeploy takes to applying changes, to
improve failure recovery
* change of the package name to com.dbdeploy (from net.sf.dbdeploy) as
a result of the move to google code
* a new command line interface using commons cli (this has been around
a while, but never part of an actual release)

Behind the scenes there’s been a significant refactoring of the
codebase to enable future development and to clarify dependencies.

You can download this release from
http://code.google.com/p/dbdeploy/downloads/list or from the m2
repository at http://dbdeploy.googlecode.com/svn/m2-repo/repository/.
If you’re upgrading from 2.X you should read
http://code.google.com/p/dbdeploy/wiki/UpgradingFromVersionTwo because
3.0 contains *breaking changes* including a need to change your
changelog table.

Your feedback and experiences are welcome.  Please raise or comment on
an issue, or send to http://groups.google.com/group/db-deploy-users.

Note that this is milestone release, not a final release. To see what
changes are expected before the final release of 3.0, please visit

Thanks for all of your support, comments and contributions.

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  1. Clayton Smith

    Congratulations on 3.0M1! Is there a way to get ahold of 2.x documentation since 3.0 is not stable yet? I’m still using 2.x and have relied on this website for the documentation. The zip file only has a readme that says “For the most up to date documentation please refer to the web site: http://dbdeploy.com“. Now what?

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