Information on the dbdeploy Open Source projects

Future Features

We have endeavoured to keep the tool as simple and lightweight as possible and aim to keep it that way. That said, here are some of the ideas we’re pondering for future releases. Feedback on this will help us to prioritise our efforts and as such will be very welcome.

Support for more build tools

Thinking of branching out and supporting more .Net style build tools such as Nant and MSBuild.

Support for more databases

On the list are: Sybase ASA, DB2.

Have dbdeploy actually execute the delta scripts

Right now the script that dbdeploy produces needs to be run as a separate step – this was by design because our experience taught us that sysadmins and DBAs working on production systems are unwilling to point any old tool at their database. The tool would still produce a script by default although we may include a switch to have dbdeploy execute the script directly. We’d envisage this feature being used mainly in development environments.