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Taking Control of your Database Development – white paper

While language-oriented toolsets become more advanced the range of development and deployment tools for databases remains primitive. How often is the DBA left sitting in the corner? Are you scared to change your database because other applications are using it? Do you have difficulty rolling out incremental changes to your databases? Does your database prevent you from releasing your software more frequently? Using real-world experiences – and the principles outlined in Ambler and Sadalage’s Refactoring Databases, this paper aims to demonstrate how to take control of the database and make it possible to incrementally evolve and improve its design. With these techniques the database need no longer be the bottleneck in your develop-test-deploy process. This paper features ideas on how to best use open source tools including Ant, CruiseControl and dbdeploy.

The nuances of one particular database refactoring over another are not addressed here. Rather, the intention is to describe the features of a development environment and toolkit that make the creation, testing and onward deployment of database refactorings easier to manage.

You can download the paper in PDF format here.